June 2019   
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Chappy’s corner “When silence is a good thing”
“What was he thinking?”
Chappy’s corner “A little misunderstanding!”
Chappy’s corner “What’s next?”
Chappy’s corner “Dog Gone!”
Chappy’s corner “Are you talking about me?”
Chappy’s corner “Need a Guide; Be a Guide?”
Chappy’s corner “A Leftover Thanks Giving”
Chappy’s corner “Two are better than one”
Chappy’s corner “Following Directions”
Chappy’s corner “In whose opinion?”
Chappy’s corner “What will they say at your funeral?”
Chappy’s corner “Why didn’t you do something?”
Chappy’s corner “A great day for golf?”
Chappy’s corner “Who knew? “
Chappy’s corner “It’s a life worth living!”
Chappy’s corner “a BIG misunderstanding”
Chappy’s corner “Because it’s tradition!”
Chappy’s corner “It’s a sure thing!”
Chappy’s corner “May we never forget!”
Chappy’s corner “What’s the plan?”
Chappy’s corner “If it’s broke…”
Chappy’s corner “What a sweet deal!”
Chappy’s corner “Praise the Lord”
Chappys corner Scary Stuff!
Chappys corner Always Be On Alert!
Chappys corner the gift of a child
Chappys corner These things happen!
Chappys corner Hear any good news lately?
Chappys corner sounds of silence
Chappys corner What rocks?
Chappys corner Some can and some cant
Chappy's corner
Chappys corner An Act of God?
Chappys corner Do you remember?
Chappys Corner "Get a haircut
Chappys corner Staying Dead & Buried?
Chappys corner got the blues?
Chappys corner A Fool Proof Answer
Chappys corner Tough going
Chappys corner What a waste of time
Chappys corner In His Hands
Chappys corner Hear any good news lately?
Chappys corner who are you trying to impress?
Chappys corner: Well did you know?
Chappys corner The heart of a leader.
Chappys corner Thank God for Cold Water
Chappys corner Trying to Show off?
Chappys corner: Deliver us from evil
Chappys corner: Whos in charge?
Chappys Corner Rest in Peace!
Chappys corner Happily Ever After?
Chappys corner: Thats not right?
Chappys corner: Better than before!
Chappys corner Mans best friend
Chappys corner Burying their differences!
Chappys corner: How about a different ending?
Chappys Corner: Just doing our job?
Chappys corner: How much are you worth?
Chappys corner: What did you say?
Chappys corner Where did you get that?
Chappys corner Jumping to false conclusions
Chappys corner Whats your complaint?
Chappys corner Into the darkness
Chappys corner Learning by example!
Chappys corner What to do with a stinky attitude?
Chappys corner: A happy ending
Chappys corner What do you see?
Chappys corner: Isnt that Larry?
Chappys corner Who are you following?
Chappys corner: A crash landing?
Chappys corner What are you smiling about?
Chappys corner: War and Peace?
Chappys corner A scoundrel or a saint?
Chappys corner: How embarrassing!
Chappys corner: Who cares?
Chappys corner: Need a push?
Chappys corner: Keep It Short & Simple!
Chappys corner: A job well done!
Chappys corner: Who are you going to tell?
Chappy's corner 'Politics and Religion"
Chappys corner Up in the Air?
Chappys corner Keeping promises
Chappys corner The right outfit
Chappy's corner "Where does it hurt?"
Chappys corner: Who do you know?
Chappy's Corner "Until death do us part!
Chappys corner Hard to swallow?
Chappy's Corner - "Virus Protection"
Devotion for February 14,2010