Devotion for February 14,2010

What a lovely thought.

 As his wife set the table, the pastor said, “Honey, I noticed that you blew me a kiss during my sermon. That was very romantic, but I’m not sure it is the appropriate spot when I’m preaching.” His wife smiled and said, “I wasn’t being romantic, the K.I.S.S.  stood for Keep  It  Short  Sweetie”

With that thought in mind I will keep this devotion short and sweet.  This Sunday, is Valentine’s Day. Normally it is a day for one to express one’s love for others.  We can do that with flowers, candy and cards. All are great and for some of us, they are a great way to stay out of the doghouse when we have messed up.  But the best way to express one’s feelings is with an act of love. 

An act of love is a child helping a parent around the house by doing some chores without being asked. Love is a parent taking time to play a game with a child. Love is a neighbor sitting down to visit a person in a nursing home. These are acts of love.

But, the greatest act of love involves sacrifice. In the Bible Jesus states, Greater love has no one than this that he lay down his life for his friends. (John 15) Jesus did die for his friends; he also died for his enemies.  For the truth is we have all messed up and nothing we can do will make it right. But, Jesus did it so those who trust in Him could be changed from enemies into members of God’s family. He did this out of love for us.

 In our world we read about soldiers, fire fighters and police officers sacrificing their lives to save others.  Those are great acts of love and every time we hear those stories we should give thanks for their sacrifice and be reminded of what God has done for us.

That’s just my thoughts from this chilly SE corner of South Dakota

Pastor Dave