Chappy's Corner - "Virus Protection"

Chappy’s corner: “Virus protection”

Awhile back I received the following Ole and Swen virus. It went like this. You have the Ole & Swen Virus. We don’t know much about this computer stuff, so just take all your files and delete them. Then pass this message on to all the others on your address book. If all viruses were so easy to avoid, nobody would ever need an anti-virus system.

But, there are computer viruses out there, and we often pass them on without knowing it. These “bugs” can wipe out a system and cause a delay in getting things accomplish. Long before computers there was another deadly virus that destroyed lives. It wasn’t the black plague or some germ spreading disease; it was the problem of spreading rumors.

An old saying goes like this: “loose lips sinks ships”. In the military we are warned to keep certain information “confidential” or else the wrong people may hear it and use it against us. So, we watch out that we don’t accidentally share “secret” information. Unfortunately, we don’t always do that with “not so secret” information. Too often we spread stories about others without checking the facts of the story. Thus we are spreading “rumors”. And if the story is true, passing it on may mean hurting the reputation of another person. The best thing to do is be silent. But too often our tongues are not silent.

In the Bible the tongue is described as something we can use to praise God and at the same time use to destroy people who were created in God’s image. We tend to do this because we are “infected” with the virus of sin and as sinners we often do and say the wrong thing. But, God sent His Son to set us free from sin. Jesus died so we can have forgiveness for all the wrongs we have said and done. Instead of using our tongues to spread rumors that may harm others, we can use it to help others.

One pastor put it, “we should not speak evil of our neighbor, but defend him, speak well of him, and put the best construction on everything.” That is good advice for all of us to follow, but especially for the home. A fellow pastor described a marriage relationship like having a savings account. Every time you gave your spouse a word of praise was like investing in your relationship. When tough times happened and “ugly” words were spoken, at least you could draw from those past compliments. But, if you never speak “well” of your spouse, then you are in the poor house, and when tough times happen, we have no resources. So, take the time to speak well of your spouse, your family, and your neighbor too!


Well, that’s just my thoughts from the snowy and windy corner of SE South Dakota. Hope you and your computers stay virus free.

Chaplain David Gunderson